Khan vs Maidana fight on December 11

The battle with Amir Khan vs Marcos Maidana is going to be on December 11, this year. They are usually both excited for the following battle and these people trained very well. Numerous weeks from now they may face upon the actual arena and will fight to get the title. This is one of the awaited fights of December except from the combat involving Marquez vs Katsidis.

I will enjoy this particular fight because they're both equally excellent boxers and their own data in boxing are generally great . Khan vs Maidana will certainly a classic great battle for this year 2010. Who you imagine will certainly win this particular battle? For me I'd give my bet to Amir Khan however I don't under estimate Marcos Maidana. He has a great data and that he is incredibly challenging fighter. Let's just simply watch the battle of Khan vs Maidana.

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