The High Rate of Car Accident Personal Injury Incidents in Los Angeles

In 2008, California Highway Patrol statistics found that 52,000 injuries due to car accidents in Los Angeles. Despite the NHTSA's efforts to reduce and eliminate the number of accidents, daily news reports are wrought with incidents of vehicular accidents in Los Angeles city. It is interesting to note that, of those in the statistics, the majority fall under the ages of 34 and below. This simply states that 50 % of all residents in the Uited States will be invilved in some sort of vehicle related accident at least once in their lifetime.

Having one of the largest roadway systems in the country, Los Angeles has to deal with an ever-increasing number of road related accidents and personal injury cases that happen as a result. Some of the most common causes of car accidents, truck accidents, or motorcycle accidents in Los Angeles include:

1. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
2. Disobeying basic traffic regulations
3. Running a red light
4. Failing to use a turn signal when turning into streets
5. Texting or using cell phone while driving
6. Defective car parts, such as tires, brakes, etc.
7. Obstructions on the road
8. Extreme weather conditions
9. Avoiding jaywalking pedestrians

These causes often result in personal injuries such as brain injury, amputation, spinal cord injury, fractures or internal bleeding. These types if injuries make accident's victims lives very difficult and sometimes alter their lives permanently.To add to it, bearing the medical expenses come at a hefty price. This is why in cases involving a car accident, it becomes necessary for a victim to file a personal injury lawsuit.

In Los Angeles and in all fifty states, filing a personal injury lawsuit provides you, the injured, with an opportunity to prove the fault of the person who is responsible for your injuries. A personal injury attorney represents you in court, where you can legally fight for your rights. Based on evidence and proof, the defendant may be required by the court to compensate you for your injuries or losses so that you can pay for medical treatment, recover from lost wages and emotional suffering.

The personal injury lawyer that you retain will help surface the fault of the defendant (in this case, the accused driver) by presenting evidence of his or her negligence in the accident. Lawyers follow a step-by-step process in establishing what can be construed as a negligent act. They do so by:
  •  Proving that the defendant owes you for any damages
  •  Giving proof that the defendant failed fulfill his obligations towards you
  •  Establishing the incidents and course of events that led to the accident
  •  Presenting evidence that the accident was the reason for your injuries

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