The Rise in Bicycle Accidents in Los Angeles

In the United States, around 50,000 injuries are attributed to bicycle accidents. Seven hundred out of these result in death. The 2007 statistics for California-the most recent records available-show that 109 bicyclist fatalities took place in the state, the second highest in the United States. These statistics give good reason for a Los Angeles bicycle accident vicitm to seek the advice of an experienced accident attorney in Los Angeles.

Bicycle accidents which occur in Los Angeles are just a fraction of the bigger picture: According to the NHTSA, bicycle accidents and the associated injuries and deaths comprise 2 percent of all traffic deaths. According to the NHTSA, 52,000 bicyclists have died from fatal injuries due to bicycle accidents which took place between 1932 to the present year. It is no surprise that an accident attorney Los Angeles is faced with a number of bicycle accident cases each year.

Even with the official numbers from the NHTSA, many bicycle accidents go unreported each year. Usually, these cases are pursued by an accident attorney; Los Angeles, because it is a major urban area, sees many of these cases filed each day, especially since cycling accidents occur more in urban areas than in rural ones.

According to laws in California-Los Angeles included-bicyclists are categorized as motorists or vehicle operators. Therefore, they must abide by the same traffic rules which apply to motorists, such as giving right of way, yielding, etc. In a majority of cases, bicyclists who figure in injurious motor accidents failed to give right of way to other vehicles. This is why bicycle accidents almost always involve other vehicles, such as cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles and similar automobiles.

In California, many people choose bicycles for their mode of transportation as they are eco-friendly, inexpensive to maintain, and are easy to maneuver. The California Bicycle Coalition, a non-profit organization which promotes bicycling in the state, has lobbied successfully for the implementation of bicycle lanes along several California roadways. Despite the CBC?s efforts, bicyclists still have to reckon with other vehicles on the road such as motorcycles, cars and trucks. Even though the CBC has successfully implemented bike lanes in Los Angeles, San Francisco and other major city roadways, bicycle accidents still occur frequently.
Many bicycle accidents result in serious and grave injuries, particularly because bicyclists lack sufficient protection. Some of the injuries that bicyclists suffer include brain injuries, back injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputation injuries, fractures, dental injuries, among other possible injuries. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that 98% of bicycle fatalities are attributed to the lack of proper protective gear. Unfortunately in such cases (which are represented by an accident attorney), Los Angeles bicyclists who failed to wear proper protective gear are sometimes held liable in these accidents.

Fortunately for bicycle accident victims who are represented by an accident attorney in Los Angeles, there are several sources from which they can obtain recovery. Homeowner insurance and automobile insurance are just a few of these sources. Even if a bicyclist is deemed partially liable for an accident and the injuries he or she has suffered, he or she may still recover compensation for third parties which many have contributed to the accident. These include government agencies, bicycle manufacturers, even other motorists.

Bicyclists in Los Angeles who are injured due to an accident have a limited period of time in which they can file a personal injury claim; if they do not meet time provided, they may risk never obtaining recovery for their injuries. This is why it is important for a bicycle accident victim to contact an experienced accident attorney in Los Angeles. An accident attorney can help you find your way through California state laws which may complicate an accident case, including liability and statute of limitations laws.

In bicycle accident cases, proving negligence and liability is often a complicated, difficult task. However, with Mansell & Mansell Attorneys at Law, you can count on the expertise of our accident attorney. Los Angeles accident victims or the loved ones of those who have died from accident-related injuries can call Mansell & Mansell, A.P.C at 888-408-9364 for a free consultation.

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